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You will get the most money for your home NOW!
Posted by Michelle Lewis on April 27, 2017 in No Category
What is the answer for those who want to sell their home but have no where to go?This can be a real challenge, but it's our market today.Here are some ideas to look into:1.) Since homes are selling fast, a buyer may want to look into a bridge loan. This will allow the buyer to make an offer on their dream home and NOT miss out! They can then put their home on the market and get TOP DOLLAR!2.) A buyer can look into a short term rental after they sale their home. Once they close on their home, this put... read more
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How to get top dollar for your home

Preparing your home for sale
Posted by Michelle Lewis on November 17, 2016 in No Category
How to get TOP DOLLAR for your Home!Before you prepare your home for sale it is best to get the advice of a Professional Real Estate Agent. There are things that you might want to do to prepare your home for sale that just might NOT  be necessary! Examples are:*Replace Carpet, or have them Professionally Cleaned? *Paint or not?*Wallpaper?*Hire a contractor to fix certain things or not? *Hire a home inspector to inspect prior to putting home on market? Each home is a case by case basis.... read more
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What is a Smart Home?

Smart Homes
Posted by Michelle Lewis on November 01, 2016 in  Smart Home
What is a Smart Home?                We are in a smart home era! Our homes in Springfield, Mo and Surrounding Areas are becoming SMART! Now, with the development of smart home products, our homes want to become an even greater role as they know our habits, simplify our lives, and SAVE US TIME AND MONEY!The editors at CNET.COM set these standards for smart homes:             &nb... read more
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So, you want to buy a house?

What's next?
Posted by Michelle Lewis on October 26, 2016 in  The basics of home buying
The process of purchasing a home:*Get pre-approved! Make sure to go with a good, reputable, local lender! *Make sure you feel comfortable with the payments that you are qualified for!*Find a Good Agent to Represent You!*Make sure your Agent will do a Comparative market Analysis on the home you will be making an offer on so you are not paying to much!*Make sure your agent has strong negotiating skills.Think that's the extent of it all? Nope! there is more to the buying process that you will discover! *Your... read more
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Why move to Springfield Mo?

Great place to raise a family
Posted by Michelle Lewis on October 18, 2016 in  Great place to raise a family
Why move to Springfield, Missouri? 1.) Great place to raise a family2.) Exceptional Housing and Low Cost of Living3.) The Four Seasons4.) You can get across town within 15 - 20 minutes. 5.)  Enjoy the life you want!6.) Small town feel with small town surroundings7.) Lakes, Rivers, and Streams with Nature at it's best!8.) Health and education9.) History, Art, Music, and Entertainment10.) Colleges and Universities 11) Diversity12.) Cost of living is lower13.) Arts and Culture ... read more
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